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Christmas Eve Traditions

Isn’t Christmas the most exciting, magical day for families and loved ones in the entire year? Some would argue in favor of the anticipation, enchantment, and mystique of Christmas Eve. Thanks to the early start of seasonal decorations and music, the excitement that’s been simmering for months comes to a boil on the evening before that iconic day. All is finally quiet. All is still hidden. All is in a state of anticipation. On Christmas Eve, you know that when you drift off to sleep, the next stop will be the morning when all will be revealed. The last moments of mystery are experienced on the evening before. 

Energy is usually running high on Christmas Eve, especially when surrounded by family. Here are a few activities that could let you take full advantage of the loved ones you have around you, entertain your clan and while away those hours of anticipation.

If you’ve got young ones whose excitement is bound to be off the charts, here’s a good start: the Kids Christmas Eve Kit from Sealed By Santa.

Food is love made visible.

This truism is most evident at holiday time. Good food comes from the heart. It’s the surest way to tie people together and express the shared love around the table. Perhaps your family has a traditional Christmas Eve dinner. If not, maybe it’s time to choose one. 

Since the traditional turkey dinner is bound to be served the next day, perhaps your family’s go-to Christmas Eve meal would consist of pizza, or fondue, or Chinese or Thai dishes. Maybe there are some special bottles of wine or other prized beverages to go with it. If your choice is particular to your family, it will make your Christmas Eve that much more special.

Something from your own kitchen.

If culinary delights sound like your family’s kind of treat, how much more meaningful would it be if it were made with your own hands? Get the entire family involved in cooking or baking fresh treats for the holiday table. Be ready to get your hands and the rest of the kitchen a bit messy, but this could generate memories that endure for a lifetime. 

For example, why buy pre-packaged candies when you can make your own sweets? How about the Mrs. Claus Cookie Baking & Decorating Kit from Sealed By Santa?

Each person opens one gift.

In some countries, the tradition is to open all presents on Christmas Eve so that Christmas Day itself can be free to concentrate on the family gathering. In the United States, where we love to shop and therefore usually have multiple gifts for each family member, many families have a tradition of opening one gift for each person on Christmas Eve. Each of you might even make a point of buying a small item expressly for that purpose. 

Try a Secret Santa exchange or give unmarked gifts that family members can trade back and forth before they are opened. It can give a family something to do together on the Eve, especially if one of these gifts is a game or activity. It also serves to relieve some of the built-up anticipation of the main gift-giving session the following morning.

Visit displays of holiday lighting.

Some communities have a special drive-through lighting display, open for a few weeks around the holiday. In most places, some individuals will decorate their property to the best of their ability, budget and taste. Explore your town or neighborhood a couple of weeks in advance to find where the most exciting displays are. 

Then, on Christmas Eve, armed with warm cookies and warmer beverages, the whole family can enjoy touring the streets and stopping for the more spectacular displays. The residents won’t mind, their displays are usually a point of personal pride, and competitions between neighbors are not unusual to find. 

Highlight your own home.

Perhaps your family is up to setting up your own outdoor lighting display that’s designed to delight. One of the most treasured family traditions is to decorate the indoor Christmas tree, but if you have a living tree on your property, how special would it be to give it the holiday treatment? Of course, we’re not talking about a mega-watt whole-house display unless your family is up for that, but choose one live tree or shrub and let it shine.

A special movie screening at home.

There have been countless holiday movies created over the years, and everyone tends to have their favorites. Gather the family in front of the television and watch one of your most beloved stories. 

Your clan may have a standard go-to movie for this purpose, whether it’s “A Christmas Carol”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, “Elf”, “Love, Actually” or “Santa Claus Versus the Martians”, so this is the night to indulge yourself. Fresh, hot popcorn, cookies, pizza, canapés, whatever your family prefers, can make it the perfect evening together.

For the love of the game.

Does your family enjoy playing table games? Whether these games involve manipulating pieces across a board or more thought-provoking games of trivial knowledge, games have been a mainstay of family entertainment since the Egyptians played their first game of Senet. 

Start a new tradition by playing a particular game each Christmas Eve or try some of the new, exotic games developed every year, ranging from the kid-friendly to adult-only. You will quickly know what keeps your loved ones entertained.

Something from the heart and hands.

Some families hold a tradition of handmade gifts for each other. While this may be challenging for those who feel less crafty, perhaps the exchange of homemade cards would be more achievable. 

There are plenty of software programs for designing and printing greeting cards on a home computer system. But how much more fun is capturing images or even single words from magazines or advertising flyers and gluing them together to express the seasonal sentiment? You could decorate your home for the holidays with homemade ornaments. Here’s an easy solution from Sealed By Santa: the Elf Interactive Gift Making Kit

Keep it simple.

If someone in the family likes to read stories aloud, there are plenty of seasonal short stories, children’s books and poems that would make for an excellent formal reading. Perhaps the head of the family does the reading, or a family member who is adept at public speaking. 

Whether it’s a venerable old favorite like “A Visit From St. Nicholas” (aka “The Night Before Christmas”), a more recent classic like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, or something that your family might not have even heard of yet. How about the family dedicating one new tree ornament every year, which then becomes a mainstay decoration in the years to follow?

More modern Christmas pastimes.

If your clan likes it a bit noisy, then maybe a karaoke night is the perfect thing for you. Or an Ugly Sweater contest. Of course, for the latter, you need to give everyone enough warning to go shopping in the weeks before the holiday.

Here’s an idea to keep little ones excited for Santa’s arrival. Let Sealed By Santa arrange for personalized letters from Santa Claus himself, directly to each child. You can also arrange a live video call with your little one. And how excited would your kids be to receive a certificate that confirms your child is on Santa’s Nice List? Check out our line of creative kits, which let your Santa watchers bake cookies, create handmade gifts, and even track Santa’s footsteps through your house. Our Christmas Eve box and a parents evidence kit are perfect options to make Christmas Eve memories that last a lifetime. If you have any questions, contact us at (561) 510-7227 or

And have a happy holiday.

Sealed by Santa

Sealed by Santa

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