Ten Ways to Prove Santa Claus is Real

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Ten Ways to Prove Santa Claus is Real

Everyone can think back to a time when Santa was real, elves worked at the North Pole and reindeers actually flew. Today’s children are getting smarter, but everyone deserves to enjoy the magic as long as possible. But there is nothing quite like seeing your child’s face light up on Christmas morning after the realization that Santa really came. Up the ante this year with these few tips and tricks to prove that Santa’s visit was real. 

Santa Tracker

Embrace technology this Christmas eve and gather around your computer or mobile device with the kids to track Santa’s whereabouts. Norad’s Santa Tracker is an excellent way to see a live world map of where Santa is delivering presents. You can even use it as an incentive to get the little ones into bed as Santa gets closer. They wouldn’t want him to pass by your house because they were awake, after all. 

Santa’s Wrapping Paper 

A simple tradition that you can implement with your family is to wrap all of the presents that come from Santa in a different wrapping paper. You can pick up brown craft paper at your local craft store or just use something timeless like a simple white paper. Avoid the generic wrapping paper that they may have already seen. 

Sprinkle Red Glitter Outside

This is such an easy idea, but seriously effective and it takes little time and money. Sprinkle a dash of glitter here and there on the roof and lawn. When the kids ask you can say it must have fallen off Santa’s sleigh and reindeer when he was dropping off presents. 

Photograph Santa

If you are feeling extra creative and have access to an image editing software, a photo of Santa standing directly in front of your tree is undeniable evidence. After the presents are arranged just how you want them, take a photo of the entire room. 

You can load this into photoshop (or another image-editing software) and then overlay this image of Santa onto the background. Add a filter or two and voilà! You can print it out or upload it back onto the camera as evidence that Santa was indeed at your house. 

Santa Tracks

On Christmas Eve once the little ones are in bed, you can find some boots and leave a few dirty footprints around the tree. You can do this by spraying the bottom of the shoe with some water and then dipping it in a plate of flour. This will give your child irrefutable evidence that Santa visited your home. 

Assemble Toys Beforehand

Why is it that Santa and his elves make the toys in their workshop at the North Pole, and then Santa disassembles gifts before he drops them off at your house? Before your kids start questioning why this might be the case, do it yourself!

If you have a few minutes to spare on Christmas eve, something as simple as setting up a Barbie Dream House or putting together a basketball hoop will make all the difference. When the kids wake up on Christmas morning they will be overjoyed to see that Santa dropped their toy straight through the chimney after working long and hard building it. 

Embrace Elf on The Shelf

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, an Elf on the Shelf can make Santa feel a little bit more real in the lead up to Christmas. This tradition has become popularized as of late, and allows children to relish in the Christmas spirit all December long by waking up and racing around the house to look for their elf each morning. And Scout Elf reports to Mr. Claus himself each night to help manage his naughty and nice lists, which is an added bonus to encourage the little ones to be on their best behavior! 

You can buy an Elf on the Shelf here

Install a “Santa-Cam”

An alternative to Santa’s Elf on the Shelf is installing a Santa-cam in your home. You don’t even have to buy an actual camera to try this trick. You can DIY this project by buying a ball ornament and painting a black “camera lens” in the center. Simply write “Santa’s Cam” over top, and this is a surefire way to scare the kids into thinking Santa Claus is watching their behavior.

Something Left Behind By Santa

If you aren’t already embracing the tradition of leaving out milk and cookies for Santa, now is the time to start! This is the easiest way to get your child to engage with Santa and show that he was here – just make sure that you actually eat the cookies and leave a few crumbs for evidence! 

You can take this to the next level by leaving behind some extra proof that Santa was in the house with a black glove by the tree or a big jingle bell from his sleigh. Or, check out Sealed By Santa’s “Catch Santa” Evidence Kit. This special surprise is sure to have your child in awe. 

A Letter Postmarked from the North Pole

Before Christmas day, send your child a personalized letter from Santa Claus himself and have it arrive postmarked from the North Pole. Use a service like Sealed By Santa, or get crafty and send your own. Just make sure Santa’s handwriting is different than yours! Nothing establishes the truth of Santa quite like receiving a hand-written note addressed to them from the North Pole. 

Make This Christmas Special With Sealed by Santa

Bring Christmas magic straight to your home with Sealed by Santa’s personalized letters and so much more. This year we are offering even more with all letters including a Nice List Certificate, Reindeer Food, and a Personalized Video Message. Check out all the magic we have to offer and prove that Santa is really real!



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